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The face of K.A. Refsvik

Kjell Are Refsvik, M.Sc.

Hi, and welcome to my work-site. On these pages you will find out more about what I do here at Gjøvik University College. I try to maintain this site using web standards, but I issue no guarantees. Please feel free to re-use any of the code you find useful on this site.

You can lookup my calendar and contact information here.

My work revolve around social and technical aspects related to sharing in the digital age, and has led me to want to work with open and free systems, software, formats and protocols. A small contribution of mine can be found in the preliminary works written by Professor Børre Ludvigsen and Research Fellow Audun Vaaler at Østfold University College, leading up to the final guidelines promoting the use of open file formats and standards in the Norwegian public sector published by the Norwegian Ministry of Government Affairs and Reform in 2007.
As a principle [and lending from definition of this term used in the 1987 Brundtland report - "Our Common Future"], I try to advance the idea of digital sustainability when designing new systems - where the collection, processing, and presentation of our data today is done without limiting future generations to do the same.
A consequence of this particular outlook on life, I prefer to use open file formats and programs as much as I can. In my digital toolbox you will find a mix of command-line and GUI-driven tools, including MacTex/BibTex and TextMate and BibDesk for writing, Graphviz for making diagrams, and a range of UNIX-based tools for the collection, description, transforming/transcoding, moving and presenting data. These include MacPorts, ImageMagick, ffmpeg, wget, curl, sftp, scp, exiftool, gnuplot, gpsbabel, and a whole range of other tools as well.
Below, you will find a list of some of the things I work with and/or find interesting.


IMT4892:Digital Workflow | IMT4891:Digital Workflow Fundamentals | IMT4951:Applied Digital Workflow | IMT3531:Digitale medieproduksjonsssystemer | IMT1151:Kvalitetssikker innholdsproduksjon | IMT2551:Mobile System Fundamentals | IMT1411:Grunnleggende praktisk fotografi | Course evaluation form (norwegian/english).


The Learning Object Repository (LOR) project @ hig.no | Workflow suggestion - Adobe Indesign - Microsoft Word | Brukerveiledninger til Mac OS X >10.6 og iPhoneOS >3.1 | Nedkorting av video - Bergensbanen (NRK) | Academic writing | The Changing Face of Gjøvik | The Pilgrims route data around Gjøvik| Mobile Solutions and Data Collection in the Upper Atmosphere (MOSCUS).

Geo-positioned data

Innlandsuniversitetet | A small web mashup test of Gjøvik Railway Station ( KML/ PNG) | GUC-employees living around the north shores of lake Mjøsa | Where I come from | The Pilgrims Route through Gjøvik | MOSCUS 2011 weather balloon flight path.


The cradle of the World Wide Web | TED | Creative Commons (en/no) | Sustainable file formats @ The Library of Congress | More about Anne Lamott on Shitty First Drafts and Merlin Mann on Procrastination. Referansekatalogen for IT-standarder i det offentlige | OpenStreetmap | Friprog | NRKBeta | "Dive Into HTML5", Mark Pilgrim, O’Reilly Media | http://refsvik.no.


Master Thesis ( PDF | raw code as .ZIP)