IMT2551 - Mobile Systems Fundamentals

Hi, and welcome to this course in Mobile Fundamentals for the spring of 2012.

The key goal for this course is to help you build skills and competences related to the design of web-based content for small screens, and to use smartphones to collect and process data. We will achieve this goal through a series of lectures, some individual work and a group project, and will end the course with a written exam.

Please see the formal course description for the formal course description.

Currently, this course is a second year spring course offered to our students taking the Bachelor of Media Technology (BMT).

Our course offerings related to mobile technology are currently:

  1. IMT2551 Mobile Systems Fundamentals, 5 ECTS
  2. IMT3671 Mobile System Project, 5 ECTS
  3. IMT3661 Mobile System Programming, 5 ECTS

Course plan for the spring of 2012 listed by week number

Material to read apart from the book on web app design will be linked in the lecture pdfs below. Please that this is a tentative course plan that may be adjusted (in terms of topics) as we progress.

All lectures takes place on mondays at 09.00-11.45 in room A-110. Project weeks will have no lectures. Guidance in office A-224AB.