Research Summary

Image quality assessment has been an active area of research for many decades, and there are many open research challenges. Subjective image quality assessment is a very intersting and challenging area, and is the ground truth for objective image quality assessment. These objective image quality assessment methods, commonly known as image quality metrics, have the goal of being correlated with perceptual image quality. However, the search for an image quality metric correlated with the percept is still on-going. My research have focused on creating perceptual image quality metrics, and I have an interest in accurately modelling the human visual system.

Research interests

  • Image quality
  • Print quality
  • Image enhancement
  • Color imaging
  • Image difference
  • Human vision

Main collaborators

Jon Yngve Hardeberg

Professor, Gjøvik University College

Ivar Farup

Professor, Gjøvik University College

Jean-Baptiste Thomas

Associate professor, University of Burgundy

Fritz Albregtsen

Professor, University of Oslo

Ping Zhao

PhD student, Gjøvik University College

Peter Nussbaum

Associate Professor, Gjøvik University College