Dr. Şule Yildirim Yayilgan, Associate Prof.,

NISLAB, CCIS, Biometrics Laboratory

Faculty of Computer Science and Media Technology, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Gjovik, Norway

Email: suley @ hig.no, Phone: +47 611 35 442



My two active lines of research works are as follows:

*    Secure Technologies for:

-Sport Events (by Identity Management and human behavior/face surveillance)

-Border Crossing points (by mobile Identity Management)

-Safer Internet ( by Video Content Analysis)

-Using Online Social Networks for Criminal Investigations

-Pervasive Energy and Pervasive Health

o   Data Transfer of Intelligent Sensors through Wireless Infrastructures and mobile communication networks)

o   Ambient assisted intelligent travel companions for safe travel (see a related video here),

*    Semantic Web, Ontology Modeling, Agent based and Learning Systems

My tools are (mobile) biometrics, sub-symbolic methods of artificial intelligence, Cognitive modeling, Robotics,  Machine Vision

CV / Biography


Second Norwegian Artificial Intelligence Symposium, Held at NIK 2010, Gjøvik, 22 November 2010



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