My research interests span a fairly wide range of Computer Science.

My PhD thesis was related to the functional purpose of REM sleep in Mammals, titled Catastrophic forgetting and the Pseudorehearsal solution in Hopfeild networks.

My publication are stored in Cristin results for Simon McCallum

I have supervised a large number of students with the most recent one being:

  • Mobile
    • PhD, Mohammed Deweri - Authentication on mobile devices
    • 2011 Masters,
      • Ibrahim Arief - Mobile AR lighting estimation
      • Oyvind Askerdal - Audio feedback for Elderly gaming
      • Trond Stokkeland - Reconstructing driving behaviour in a simulator
    • 2011 Bachelor
      • Super collider, Android game.
      • WizardFire, Android game.
  • Serious Games
    • Masters 2011
      • Øyvind Nygård– EEG in game feedback
      • Hanne Karlsen – Active training of brain waves using EEG
    • Driving quality estimation using mobile phones Projects Aktive –
  • Other
    • David – AI using player modelling


  • RFF funded collaboration with Health Technology
  • Military Academy – Using games for training tactics
  • BCI for children with brain injury
  • KLM – mobile AR advergaming