Jon's Color and Imaging Bookmarks

On this page you will find pointers to a great deal of information concerning color, color imaging, color engineering and related subjects. Seek and thou shall find! Note that the referenced information only represent the respective authors's view of the world, and that I might not agree with that view. Please let me know if you find any defective links or if you would like to add some to the list.

Some interesting pointers on color and imaging

Art and Photo

Spectrophotometric Image Analysis of Fine Art Paintings
LRMF Menu Corot
Laboratoire de Recherche des musées de France
Conservation OnLine
CoOL, a project of the Preservation Department of Stanford University Libraries, is a full text library of conservation information, covering a wide spectrum of topics of interest to those involved with the conservation of library, archives and museum materials.
The Assosiation of Photographers (UK)
Display and Conservation: The Dilema of lighting in Museums
National Gallery Demo Images
KODAK: Sample Digital Images

Bibliography / articles / tutorials / explanations / books

Gamut Mapping (by Jan Morovic)
CIE 1976 L*a*b* Uniform Colour Space
Interactive presentation by Peter Rhodes, University of Derby (UK)
Understanding Color
Jon HARDEBERG's bibliography
Collection of mail responses on different mailgroups on this subject, by Ed Horwich
The Joy of Visual Perception: A Web Book
The Representation of Color Metrics and Mappings in Perceptual Color Space
by Steven M. Boker, Department of Psychology, The University of Virginia (US)
The CIE 1994 Colour Difference Model
Contributed by David Heggie,
VRML Gamma
CGSD - Gamma Correction Home Page
USC Color and Its Use in Computer Vision
GIL kurs - Fargelćre for desktop publishing
Base bibliographique sur la couleur

Color Facsimile

Color Management for Color Facsimile
[T.42] Recommendation T.42 - Continuous colour representation method for facsimile
BYTE Magazine - February 1998 / International Bits / Multicolored Faxes
CCE - Couleur Communication Ecriture
Compressent Home Page
Panasonic Document Networks: Internet color facsimile prototype
HUE Fax 1000
"The World's First Affordable Color Fax and Color Copier Solution"
Black Ice Software Inc. - Fax C++ SDK
Has ITU color fax
Color Communication Corporation
Provides software-based ITU color fax!
ASPECT 4G - Color fax tester

Color management

ICC Home Page
Color and Color Management
"Here you'll find information that may be of use to advanced users of Adobe Photoshop who need
material to help adjust their Monitor Setup settings." Includes an electronic version of the IT8.7/3 target. Proposed by Image Quality Associates (US)
ICC Spec FTP server
Device Characterization, Device Calibration, and Gamut Mapping
Color management explained by Apple, of course the answer is ColorSync 2.0
Colour Management Systems
Colour Management: Why and How
Monaco Systems Color Management
Candela: ColorSynergy, Digital Color
Speaking the Language of Color
A small article on CMS
Colour Management Systems - A Review
prepared for the Advisory Group on Computer Graphics by Dr. C. Alder and Mrs K. Haigh-Hutchinson
A White Paper on Color Management
Apple - Products - ColorSync
Color Management for Color Facsimile
Kodak Color Management System
Agfa ColorTune Color Management Software
Welcome to LinoColor
Heidelberg CPS
ColorBlind by Color Solutions, Inc.
CCE - Couleur Communication Ecriture
Color Management and Microsoft Windows Operating Systems
ColorWizard: Color Management Forum
ISO 12641:1997 - Colour targets for input scanner calibration
Colour targets for input scanner calibration
KODAK Q-60 Scanner Color Targets
Kodak Professional: ColorFlow Software
BARCO CobraMatch® Professional 3.5
ColorSavvy profiling tools

Color vision / perception

Perception & Psychophysics
Visionary - A Dictionary of terminology in vision research
GDR Mathematiques des systemes perceptifs et cognitifs
Dictionary of Philosophy of Mind - theories of color perception
Vision Science: The World-Wide Web Virtual Library


Welcome to the Eastman Kodak Company
Welcome to PCOs Home Page
Cambridge Research & Instrumentation, Inc.
DAVIS Digital Multimedia Products
ASK Multimedia Projectors
TANDBERG Television
TANDBERG - videoconferencing, distance education, telemedicine
Welcome to the VISU technologies homepage.
Colourware homepage
DeviceGuys Inc.
i-Lab Corp
long lasting dye-based inks for digital fine arts and
photographic printing
Welcome to Microvision
Main Page -
Onyx Graphics Corporation
Radius Home Page - Digital Video Capture and Editing Software for DV Cameras (Camcorders) with FireWire
About Color Savvy
RICOH Main Color System Support Page
Gretag MacBeth (CH)
Gretag Imaging (CH)
CORDIS: Home page
Pantone Green Page
Welcome to QMS
Colorific Color Matching Software - Home
Canon Research Centre Home Page
Imcotek Home Page
Canon - CISRA Home Page (AU)
Welcome to Imation
Fuji Photo Film (UK) Ltd
Former Crosfield Ltd
Bienvenue chez HP France
Tulip Graphics, San Francisco's Prepress Experts
Tintmaster Publications
BARCO HomePage
SEIKO EPSON Home Page Version2.0J
Electronics for Imaging
Photo Research Inc.
Agfa Norge
Agfa Home
Interfoto International Homepage!
Welcome to
Sophis Systems NV
Cappelen & Ugland Multimedia AS
FlexIm - Flexible electronic imaging technology
CCE - Couleur Communication Ecriture
Sony Online
Cambridge Research & Instrumentation, Inc.


CIE 24th Session, Warsaw (Poland), 24-30 June, 1999
EI '00 Submission Form
AIC Color '01 Rochester
Selected Imaging Technology Conferences
First International Conference on Color in Graphic and Image Processing, CGIP'2000
Electronic Imaging 1999
7th Color Imaging Conference
PICS 1999 Preliminary Program
ISCC/TAGA Joint Meeting, Vancouver, May 1999
TAGA'99 Vancouver

PIC: IS&T's 51st Annual Conference
5th Color Imaging Preliminary Program
IS&T and SID's 5th Color Imaging Conference in Scottsdale, Arizona. Be there!
ICPS'98 - Antwerpen
ICPS98 (International Congress on Imaging Science) will be held
7-11 September, 1998 in Antwerp, Belgium.
6th Color Imaging Conference Index
Electronic Image Capture and Publishing
Electronic Imaging '98
Oslo International Colour Conference
October 8-11, 1998
CIM'98 - Colour Imaging in Multimedia
Scottsdale Home Page
Electronic Imaging '97
Seminaire Corot-Conservation-Couleur-Calcul
EVA Events Homepage
AIC Color 97 Kyoto
IS&T Annual Conference-Track 2
4th Color Imaging Conference
Very High Resolution and Quality Imaging II
Easter School '96
ICIP-95: Links to IP WWW sites
The Orasis97 Page


CIE Colorimetric data
CVRL Color & Vision database
Spectra Database
Vrhel and Trussel's spectra
dupont, munsell, objects
LUTCHI Colour Appearance Data
Hyperspectral dataset of natural scenes

Displays / Projectors

Film recorders (slide makers), projectors and other presentation tools sold at Presenting Solutions
DAVIS Digital Multimedia Products
ASK Multimedia Projectors
Welcome to Microvision
Proxima Multimedia Projectors


Scanners and printers

Color measurement software for densitometer and spectrophotometer data collection and analysis.
Catalog Table of Contents
"Prepress Products in a One-Stop-Shopping SuperStore!"
Scanners, cameras, printers, monitors etc.
miro Computer Products Software Library: miroCRYSTAL10/20SD,20/40SV,ergo,twin
Shinko Your Guide into the 21st Century


Fisk's colour page - background colours
Colour Selector Page
Proper Brightness for Cross Platform WWW Images
Coloured Text Page
A palette of colors to help you make your web pages look nice
VRML Gamma
Couleurs, motifs, etc

Image Processing

Retinex image processing
Radiometric Inhomogeneities in the Color Cryosection Images of the VHP
Base bibliographique sur la couleur
GDR-ISIS traitement d'images couleur


Optics Letters Online
Color Research and Application
Journal of Electronic Imaging
Photonics Spectra Magazine Web Edition: Worldwide coverage of Optics, Lasers, Fiber Optics, Electro-Optics, Imaging, Bio-Technology and Optical Computing. Defining photonics technology since 1954.
Journal of Imaging Science and Technology
Journal of the Optical Society A
ST Publications Home Page
Publications on signmaking, screen printing, large-format
digital printing and retail design
Optics Communications
Royal Photographic Society - ISJ

Laboratories / Research groups

Image and Color Analysis (IT)
Istituto per le Tecnologie Informatiche Multimediali, Milan, Italy
Colour and Imaging Institute, Derby (UK)
Lots and lots of interesting information
Color Science Group of the Toyohashi University of Technology (JP)
Image Recognition Lab: Computer Vision research at the University of Koblenz
ENST -- Département Images / Images Department (FR)
Computational Color Science at the University of Illinois (US)
Center for Imaging Science, RIT (US)
Munsell Color Science Laboratory, RIT (US)
Colour image processing research group of the University of Reading (UK)
Smith-Kettlewell Eye Research Institute
Institut für Technische Elektronik, RWTH Aachen (GE)
Color Research at the Lapperanta University of Technology (FI)
Agderforskning hovedside
Xerox FX Palo Alto Laboratory
efg's Computer Lab
Digital Bild
EMPA Home Page English
Graphic Arts at KTH, Sweden
ITN, Linköping university, Campus Norrköping
Computational color at York (UK)
Programmable Digital Camera (PDC) at Stanford
Canon Information Systems
Graphic Arts Technology Homepage
Peripheral Systems Lab (LSP)
Hřgskolen i Stavanger, Signal Processing Group

Multifunction Peripherals

DeviceGuys Inc.
MultiFunction Peripheral Association
JetFax (The Multifunction Company)
MFP - PC Webopaedia Definition and Links
Yahoo! Peripherals:Printers:Multifunction
C&G Technologies: Manufacturing a new generation of MFPs (multifunction computer peripherals).
Multifunction Software Evaluation Program
Multifunction Hardware Evaluation Program
Genoa Technology Multifunction Peripheral (MFP) Concurrency Test
Conexant - Multifunction peripherals
HP All-in-One Home page
Xerox Multifunction Faxing
Canon MultiPASS C5500
Xerox WorkCentre 385 Laser All-in-One - Overview
Brother MFC 4550 review
Peerless Systems Corporation
HUE Fax 1000, The World's First Affordable Color Fax and Color Copier Solution

Optics / filters

Cambridge Research & Instrumentation, Inc.
Infrared Filters

Organisations / Standards

International Commission on Illumination (CIE) (AT)
CIE Division 8: Image Technology
Vision and Color division of the OSA
CIE Division 8 - TC 8-05 Home Page
The International Color Consortium
International Telecommunication Union (ITU)
The Society for Information Display Index
Inter-Society Color Council
Interactive Weather Information Network
SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering
The Society for Information Display Index
IS&T ImagingWeb
IEEE Home Page
ISO TC42 WG18 New Work Item Proposal: Digital Cameras & Printers and Other Devices
Inter-Society Color Council
IEC - International Electrotechnical Commission - Home Page (English)
IEC/TC100/Project Team 61966 (PT61966) on Colour Measurement and Management in Multimedia Systems and Equipment home page
Applied Vision Association
TAGA French Student Chapter : HOME PAGE
Welcome to TAGA
NORSIG (Norwegian Signal Processing Society)
VRML Color Fidelity Working Group
ICC Home Page
OII - Index of Standards for Open Information Interchange
OII - Colour Information Interchange Standards
HIQNET: High Quality Imaging Research Network
Présentation du GDR-PRC ISIS
Scandinavian Colour Institute
Printer Working Group
MultiFunction Peripheral Association
NCS - Natural Color System

Other stuff

Fabrick Photography Calibration Page
Color in Computer Graphics
Don's light, lamp and strobe site!
The Most Colorful Math of All
"How many colors do you need?" Quite fun. Also explains the four color theorem.
sci.math FAQ: Four Colour Theorem
NCS - Natural Color System

Persons / specialists

Home Page of Jon Yngve Hardeberg
Yes, I know, it's me, myself, in person...
Lindsay MacDonald
Robert W. G. Hunt
Needs no introduction...
Ronnier Luo
Ján Morovic
Mark D. Fairchild
Uni Mannheim: Professur für Allgemeine Psychologie Hans Irtel
Color Vision Demonstrations, publications, etc.
Christopher C. Yang
PhD candidate of the University of Arizona (US).
Page includes some color imaging demos and online articles etc.
Public index for Stefan Gustavson (
Randolph Blake - Vanderbilt University
Reiner Lenz
Image Processing Group, Dept. EE.,
Linköping University, Sweden
ECE Faculty - H. Joel Trussell
" Brian A. Wandell -- Home Page "
Graham Finlayson at the University of York (UK)
Now in Derby...
Poynton's Color Technology Page
Jussi Parkkinen's homepage
Gaurav Sharma
Bill Cowan
University of Waterloo, Canada. Coauthored with
M. Stone on Gamut Mapping in the late eighties.
Interesting geometric approaches to printer
characterisation since.
Bajcsy Curriculum Vitae
Research of Norimichi Tsumura
Miyake's HOME PAGE
Werner Praefcke, RWTH Aachen
Patrick Herzog, RWTH Aachen
Home Page for Maureen Stone
Giordano Bruno Beretta
Imaging Consultants


Lexmark Printers, Printer Supplies, and Printing Solutions
Collection of mail responses on different mailgroups on this subject, by Ed Horwich
Epson Stylus Pro 5000
Sawgrass Systems, Inc. - Home Page
ColorSpan Corporation
Wilhelm Imaging Research, Inc.
Devoted to research, consulting, and publications on the light fading, dark storage
fading, and yellowish stain formation with digital
pictorial output (hardcopy) materials and traditional
photographic color print materials.
ConeTech Systems
Digital Printmaking Equipment, Software and
Printer Working Group
Out-Opts (Image Output Options Discussion List) Web Site

Resources / Forums / Bookmarks

Jon's Colour page
Out-Opts (Image Output Options Discussion List) Web Site
The COLORING Pages, serving the art, science, and industry of coloring.
Color science by IBM
ColorWizard: Color Management Forum
Scanners and Digital Cameras - Digital Eyes
Colour Information Interchange Standards
This section of the OII Standards and Specifications List provides information on standards that are used to interchange or record information related to colour.
by Paul Bourke of the Mental Health Research Institute of Victoria(AU)
Color Science
Nice figures, pointers etc. by Dan Bruton of the Department of Physics and Astronomy of the Stephen F. Austin State University (US)
Color Theory
Printing oriented color theory information. Nice figures.
Colour Science Glossary
The Photonics Dictionary
Maik Bollmann's Bookmarks - Color Science
Some good adresses
Colour Technology Forum (CIE)
Lots of interesting pointers proposed by the IKEDA lab of the Chiba University
Poynton's Color Technology Page

Scanning and Digital Photo

Tangent Imaging Systems
Scangraphics Inc.
Scanners and Digital Cameras - Digital Eyes
Umax Astra 1220S - Scanner
SnapScan 1236s and 1236s Art Line Color Scanner
Microtek SlimScan C3 - Scanner
Dosadi -- Home
TWAIN Org Home Page
SANE - Scanner Access Now Easy
TMSSequoia Introduces New ScanFix TWAIN Filter
Markus Maresch PhD: Linear CCD array based recording of buildings for digital models
Windows Imaging Initiative - WIA

Choosing a scanner

CNET Flatbed scanners
28 Scanners: Cheaper, Smaller, Better -- ZDProducts
25 Color Flatbeds
Image is Everything: 10 Flatbeds
Desktop Scanners: Image Quality Evaluation


Imaging Spectrometry
Spectra Database
Vrhel and Trussel's spectra
dupont, munsell, objects
Hyperspectral dataset of natural scenes
Spectroscope module
Spectrophotometry by Beckman Coulter


Commercials and descriptions etc. of software of interest to (color) imaging

Windows 95/98 Imaging and OCR Tools
The Graphic Utilities' Site & Version FAQ
TIFF Software
The Unofficial TIFF Home Page
Adobe Photoshop 3.0.4 update
Adobe Systems Incorporated Home Page
Kai's Power Tips and Tricks for Photoshop

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