Color Management Systems

Some information concerning Colour Management Systems, related to my presentation intituled Colour Management: Why and How at Oslo International Colour Conference, Colour between Art and Science, Oct 8-11, 1998, Oslo, Norway.

You might also want to take a look at my homepage, my articles, and my color and imaging homepage containing hundreds of hyperlinks concerning color and imaging. Please let me know if you find any defective hyperlinks or if you would like to add some information to this page.

Some CMS vendors and software

Note that the listed software may differ greatly in price and quality. This list is not exhaustive. Please let me know if you have completions. Note also that some software may only provide some of the tasks normally attributed to a Color Management System (e.g. device profiling), and that not all are ICC compliant. Quotes are from the manufacturers web pages.

Other hyperlinks concerning colour management

A very incomplete list...
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