Journal publications

in press, with Berit Gehrke. Different by-phrases with adjectival and verbal passives: Evidence from Spanish corpus data. Lingua. final draft

2012, with Rafael Marín. Verbos y nombres psicológicos: Juntos y revueltos. Borealis: An International Journal of Hispanic Linguistics, 1 (2), pp. 91-108. paper

Book chapters

in preparation, with Rafael Marín. Origins and development of adjectival passives in Spanish: A corpus study. To appear in S. Gumiel, M. Leonetti and I. Pérez Jiménez (eds.), 'Ser' & 'Estar' at the interfaces. John Benjamins, Issues in Hispanic and Lusophone Linguistics. second draft (comments welcome)

to appear, with Berit Gehrke. Las pasivas psicológicas. To appear in R. Marín (ed.), Los predicados psicológicos. Madrid, Visor. second draft

2012, with Josep Maria Fontana and Gemma Boleda. Propuesta de codificación de la información paleográfica y lingüística para textos diacrónicos del español. Uso del estándar TEI. In Torrens Álvarez, María Jesús y Sánchez-Prieto Borja, Pedro (eds.), Nuevas perspectivas para la edición y el estudio de documentos hispánicos antiguos. Peter Lang. paper

Ph.D. Thesis

2012. Tracing the development of Spanish participial constructions: An empirical study of semantic change. Ph.D. Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona.


2014. An open source part-of-speech tagger for Norwegian: Building on existing language resources. Proceedings of the Language Resources and Evaluation Conference (LREC), Reykjavik, Iceland, 26-31 May. paper

2011, with Gemma Boleda and Lluis Padró. Extending the tool, or how to annotate historical language varieties. Proceedings of the 5th ACL-HLT Workshop on Language Technology for Cultural Heritage, Social Sciences, and Humanities, Portland, OR, USA, 24rd June. paper

2010, with Gemma Boleda, Josep Maria Fontana, and Judith Domingo. Annotation and representation of a diachronic corpus of Spanish. Proceedings of the Language Resources and Evaluation Conference (LREC), Malta, May 2010. paper

2008. La diversidad metalingüística de la gramaticalización. In Actas del VIII Congreso de Lingüística General. Madrid, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. paper

Conferences and workshops

2012, with Rafael Marín. Origins and development of Spanish estar + past participle. Presented at Workshop ser & estar at the interfaces, Universidad de Alcalá, October 18-19.

2012, with Berit Gehrke. The role of by-phrases in stative passives. Presented at Workshop on Aspect and Argument Structure of Adjectives and Participles (WAASAP), University of Greenwich, 22nd - 23rd June 2012.

2012. Orígenes y cambio de estar + participio pasado en español. Presented at Congreso Internacional de Lingüística General, Zaragoza, 18th-20th April.

2012, with Rafael Marín and Stefan Evert. The lexical extension of estar + participle through psychological verbs. Presented at Deutschen Gesellschaft für Sprachwissenschaft. Workshop Language Change at the Syntax-Semantics Interface, Frankfurt, 6th-9th March.

2012, with Rafael Marín and Stefan Evert. Measuring lexical extension: The case of Spanish estar + past participle. Poster presented at Linguistic Evidence 2012. Empirical, theoretical and computational perspectives, Tübingen, 9th-11th February. paper

2011, with Rafael Marín. Generalising paths into psychological verbs. Evidence from Spanish. Paper presented at Going Romance 2011 XXV, Utrecht, 7th-8th December. abstract

2011, with Stefan Evert. Measuring semantic change: The case of Spanish participial constructions. Poster presented at 4th Conference on Quantitative Investigations in Theoretical Linguistics (QITL-4), Berlin, Germany, 28th-31st March. abstract poster