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anders sundnes løvlie

associate professor, gjøvik university college
anders.lovlie at
twitter: @alovlie

I research and study the design and development of digital media. Currently (2013) I spend most of my time on a project investigating the effects of the 22 July 2011 terrorist attack on Norwegian online debate. Previously I have done a Ph.D. on 'locative media'. My dissertation is titled textopia: experiments with locative literature.

Sorry for the look and generally miserable condition of this page. I am generally too busy to put much effort into a personal web page. Maybe some day that will change.



PhD dissertation:

Løvlie, A. S. (2011). textopia: experiments with locative literature. University of Oslo. Available at:


Løvlie, A.S. (2009) The Rhetoric of Persuasive Games: Freedom and Discipline in America's Army, Saarbrücken: VDM Verlag. This book publication is based on the manuscript of my master thesis, which is available online. For the short version, see the conference paper with the same title below.

Journal articles and book chapters:

Løvlie, A. S. (forthcoming). Spatial Realism as Game Rhetoric. In M. Bittanti, H. Lowood, & B. de Varco (Eds.), Ludic Cartography: Mapping Gamespaces. Stanford, California: Stanford University Press.

Løvlie, A. S. (in press). "flâneur, a walkthrough: locative literature as participation and play". dichtung-digital.

Løvlie, A. S. (2012). You are the one thinking this: locative poetry as deictic writing. New Review of Hypermedia and Multimedia.

Løvlie, A. S. (2011). Annotative, locative media and G-P-S: Granularity, Participation and Serendipity. Computers & Composition.

Løvlie, A. S. (2011). Locative literature: experiences with the textopia system. International Journal of Arts and Technology.

Løvlie, A. S. (2009). Textopia: designing a locative literary reader. Journal of Location Based Services, 3(4), 249-276.

Conference papers:

Fagerjord, A. and A. S. Løvlie (2011). Is the Web Dead Yet? Native App Versus Open HTML in Locative Media. Paper to be presented at the Nordmedia 2011 conference at the University of Akureyri, Iceland.

Løvlie, A. S. (2010). Annotative, locative media and GPS: Granularity, Participation and Serendipity. Presented at the IAMCR Conference 2010, Braga, Portugal.

Løvlie, A. S. (2010). Flâneur: a literary walkthrough. Presented at the Games: Design and Research Conference, Volda, Norway.

Løvlie, A. S. (2009). Poetic augmented reality: place-bound literature in locative media. Proceedings of the 13th International MindTrek Conference: Everyday Life in the Ubiquitous Era (pp. 19-28). Tampere, Finland: ACM.
© ACM, (2009). This is the author’s version of the work. It is posted here by permission of ACM for your personal use. Not for redistribution. The definitive version was published in the proceedings of the 13th International MindTrek Conference: Everyday Life in the Ubiquitous Era, (2009)

Løvlie, A. S. (2009). "textopia: A geo-literary browser" In Engaging Artifacts. Presented at the Nordic Design Research Conference.

Løvlie, A. S. (2008) "The Rhetoric of Persuasive Games: Freedom and Discipline in America's Army". In Conference Proceedings of The Philosophy of Computer Games 2008, DIGAREC Series (Vol. 1, pp. 70-91). Potsdam, Germany: Potsdam University Press.

Løvlie, A. S. (2005) "End of story? Quest, narrative and enactment in computer games" (2005).
In Proceedings of DiGRA 2005 Worlds in Play conference, Vancouver BC.


Pérez, E; Spanjevic, B. and Løvlie, A.S. (2011) "Random Friends" – Pervasive theatre/street game, Teaterhuset Avant Garden, Trondheim and Dom Omladine, Belgrade. [Co-designer and orchestrator]

Pérez E. (2009-2011) "Chain Reaction" – Pervasive theatre/street game using locative media, UC Berkeley and Teaterhuset Avant Garden, Trondheim. [Co-desginer and orchestrator]

Løvlie, A.S. (2009-2010) "flâneur" – Creative writing game using the textopia system. Oslo, Trondheim and Bergen. [Designer and orchestrator]

Guest lectures:

Løvlie, A. S. (2012). "A European ludic sphere?" Arcademy lecture presented at Subotron/MuseumsQuartier, Vienna, 9 November 2012.

Løvlie, A. S. (2011). Juegos ubicuos y medios geolocalizados. Yoctobit lecture at Matadero theatre, Madrid, 22 June 2011.

Other publications:

The rhetoric of persuasive games: Freedom and discipline in America's Army (2007) Poster presented at the DiGRA Conference 2007: Situated Play, University of Tokyo.


US-Norway Fulbright Foundation: One year grant for visit at UC Berkeley, Jan. 2009 - Jan. 2010.

The Research Council of Norway: Three year PhD grant 2007-2010 (via the VERDIKT programme).


Media coverage of the textopia project

"Die ethischen Werte des Computerspiels". Article in Berliner Zeitung by Johannes Thumfart, May 13th 2008 (in german).

"Sju teser om bokas framtid". Commentary in Dagbladet by Bjarne Buset, April 23rd 2007 (in Norwegian).

"Reis inn i Bjørvika". Article in Aftenposten by Hilde Lundgaard, January 29th 2008 (in Norwegian, no online version).